A Symphony in Blue

The true beginning of the story -- my and my sister's trip to Sally's Beauty Supply for peroxide and to Hot Topic for hair coloring -- was not documented.  The first point at which it occurred to me to snap a picture was after the peroxide had been lovingly gooped into my hair by my sister Lauren and her best friend Robin:

Bleaching.JPG (43082 bytes)

Aahhh!  It burns, it burns!!  Especially on my neck and cheeks and ears...  I had to scratch with a comb, and wound up getting goop on my fingers as well.



Bleached.JPG (50881 bytes)

Ah, but the result once I was finally free to wash the bleach out?  A bit sketchy, color uneven, but fairly intriguing I thought.  I went to Taco Bell to get dinner while waiting for my hair to dry for the next step.



PinkHair.JPG (35637 bytes)

First came the pink section. (Too bad I couldn't get a shot of Lauren slathering it into my bangs, but she was busy, Robin went home while I was showering out the bleach, I didn't want to be holding a camera if my hands got gunky again, and Mom didn't care.)


BluePink1.JPG (39915 bytes)

Next I hung out for twenty minutes with blue and pink dye in my hair.  Note my fingers, stained from having to dig a rubber band out of my blued hair after Lauren gave up on it.  Note also the staining on my cheek, neck, and shirt...


BluePink2.JPG (52945 bytes)

Then came the Major Error in Judgement:  Taking *both* clips out of my hair at once in the shower, rather than shampooing the dye out of the blue hair *before* taking the pink hair down.  For future reference, don't try this at home, folks.  Note how very little actual pink is left in my hair.


BlueHair.JPG (49109 bytes)Final result:  I decided the pink splotch didn't look nearly as good as the pink strip I'd hoped for would have, and wound up glopping a bit more blue onto it myself and letting it set while I scrubbed at the purple stains in the tub.  It worked out well enough -- especially since I believe I wound up with a front segment of hair lighter blue than the rest of it (which is now verging on black).  Not quite the effect I was going for, but tolerable, and in a few weeks I may try bleaching that front portion down to pale blue or even seeing if I can get it to lavender (if not the desired shocking pink) with another application of pink dye. (Regrettably, the tub is now lavender -- at least in the half closest to the drain -- but I got most of the drips and splatters off the floor and tile.  There's a splotch on the edge of the sink remaining, though.)

And Lauren?  She was chagrined at what happened to my hair in that final rinse, refused to have anything more to do with it (being by that point well-deservedly tired of messing with all of my hair), and advised me to try bleaching it out (myself) if I still wanted the streak.  She took only a few chocolate-covered malted milk balls in repayment for the extended task.  However, I've also volunteered to donate a mostly-full bottle of banana liquor and an unopened bottle of coconut-flavored rum to the birthday party Lauren will be throwing for Robin here at this house next Saturday, as a sort of thank-you to the both of the them for time and effort spent...

Further Adventures:

The above took place in August 2002.  There were other high points in hair coloring over the next six months, beginning with the second try on the pink streaks a few weeks after the initial dye job:

Blue and pink Blue and pink Blue and pink That last photo was taken in February 2003, just before my trip to London and just in time for me to update my driver's license.  In mid-March I had to get rid of the blue in a night for a temp job, and so dyed it black.  Thus ended my Blue Period...

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