DragonCon 2004

On Labor Day weekend I drove to Atlanta for Dragon*Con.  I met up with Rosie (Soultoad) and Beth (Philomel) while I was there, and we had fun wandering the con people-watching and visiting panels -- but there was almost too much stuff we wanted to do.  It turned into information overload at a certain point.  I'm going back again next year, though, if I can scrape together sufficient money and vacation time at that point in time...

Here are the costumes I saw. (I left it to Rosie to get pictures of the LotR actors (one of whom, Craig Parker, I never actually saw), which she posted here, here, here and here, and TORn got more pictures of the LotR-themed costumes, including some good ones I didn't see or photograph myself.) Click the thumbnails to see the full-size pictures (with relevant commentary) and scroll through the set.

Image 1Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5Image 6Image 7Image 8Image 9Image 10Image 11Image 12Image 13Image 14Image 15Image 16Image 17Image 18Image 19Image 20Image 21Image 22Image 23Image 24Image 25Image 26Image 27Image 28Image 29Image 30Image 31Image 32Image 33Image 34Image 35Image 36Image 37Image 38Image 39Image 40Image 41Image 42Image 43Image 44Image 45Image 46Image 47Image 48Image 49Image 50Image 51Image 52Image 53Image 54Image 55Image 56Image 57Image 58Image 59Image 60Image 61Image 62Image 63Image 64Image 65Image 66Image 67Image 68Image 69Image 70Image 71Image 72Image 73Image 74Image 75Image 76Image 77Image 78Image 79Image 80Image 81Image 82Image 83Image 84Image 85Image 86Image 87Image 88Image 89Image 90Image 91Image 92Image 93

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