First thing in the morning Saturday (well, after hearing Lynn Flewelling read, and since I missed the parade, drat the luck) was the LotR costuming panel.  A waste of time since all it covered was stuff that didn't apply to me -- elves, mainly, with side discussions on costuming kids and making false ears and cloaks -- but it was a chance to see some of the nice outfits I'd missed in the parade. Of course, it did not make up for the lost chance at marching with a gaggle of rude hobbits being noisy and singing drinking songs, but it was a reasonable use of an hour -- especially after the panel itself when we started milling around inspecting each others' outfits and discussing.  This lady was one of many Legolases (or, in this case, a Legolass) wandering around.  She had a good outfit, too -- bow and painted quiver included.

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