One of the topics covered in the LotR costuming panel was on appropriate behavior while in costume. (Which made me feel more than a bit self-conscious, since I was sitting there in a Frodo costume knitting a sock in Slytherin colors -- I had a discussion with the Legolass whether Frodo would have been Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, actually.) The example the panelist specifically used was smoking, which she noted works for a Klingon but not for a Legolas.  This Slytherin student agreed with my assessment that the cigarette was also in character for her, but noted that at a prior con when smoking in her Jedi Padwan outfit she'd snarked about how it was okay since her Master couldn't see her -- and then when she got a friend dressed as a full Jedi to play Master to her Padwan, had a lot of fun being chided by her Master for smoking and replying with, "But Obi Wan smokes!"
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