Halloween 2001

Obviously, I had a fair bit of fun over the course of the holiday. (Click on the thumbnails for a larger version of each picture.) Most of the mayhem actually occurred the weekend before, especially Saturday night. My mother, sister and I each had a party to go to. Here's my mother's outfit:

MomRenni.JPG (26166 bytes)

Neat, huh? Ren faire dress that she made herself over the previous few weeks. She ran off with my sister's long black cape to top it off.

And here's mine, in several shots:
WitchDr1.JPG (31020 bytes) WitchDr2.JPG (23874 bytes) WitchDr3.JPG (26725 bytes)

Important lesson learned: next time I try to be a witch doctor, lay off the body paint and don't try adding comb-in streaks to my hair. I took *far* too much time coloring myself up beforehand, considering that the paint on my legs and midsection wasn't obvious enough and smeared a fair bit. Next time I'll settle for the face paint and maybe a bit on my upper arms. The hair worked out pretty well, though -- I liked it and got a fair number of compliments. And that spear was a hell of a lot of fun -- the little bones rattled nicely!

I went to the party thrown by the USS Joshua, a Star Trek/science fiction fan club in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Some of those viewing this site may have been *at* the party I went to, or otherwise be familiar with the people depicted herein. So if I got a name (or costume character) wrong, or otherwise messed up somewhere, please let me know about it!

DexterDe.JPG (9246 bytes)

Here we have scientist Dexter and his sister. (DiDi, I believe? I don't watch Dexter's Laboratory...)

Marxes.JPG (27158 bytes)
And it's Groucho and Harpo -- the Marx brothers, of course. (I wound up wearing Harpo's top hat home, having rescued it from the DJ who found it after it had gotten misplaced. Sorry about the teeny bit of hair color and face paint that rubbed off on the inner hatband, Kit...)

MistJer1.JPG (34232 bytes) MistJer2.JPG (32738 bytes) And here's Misty and her guy Jeremy. The first pic is of them surrounded by other party guests, watching the costume competition. The second was taken later, once I actually *noticed* that Jeremy was wearing a skirt and realized I needed a shot of him standing up...

People.JPG (67035 bytes) People2.JPG (24044 bytes)

The above are just a couple of shots of the crowd in the room while the costume competitors were going through the line to stand up and be seen (and judged). Just to give an idea of what the scene here was like...

The countess said she was here seeking her father, whose name she didn't give but which we can all no doubt guess. (This picture actually isn't a thumbnail -- it was taken from across the room, and when cropped to the portion of interest turned out to be only that big...)

Rimmer.JPG (15291 bytes)

Here we have Rimmer saluting while Groucho raises his cigar. (For those of you unfamiliar with the show Red Dwarf, the silver H on his forehead is there to let people know that he's a hologram.)

This was one of a pair of Slayers. I didn't get a pic of the one in the shiny black jacket and red babydoll "Slayer" shirt, but this Buffy I caught from across the room as she brandished her stake. (Again, cropped too small to bother thumbnailing.)

DrFrank.JPG (19200 bytes) FrauBlu.JPG (25237 bytes) FrnkFian.JPG (5430 bytes) FrnkMons.JPG (16532 bytes) Igor.JPG (18051 bytes) Inspectr.JPG (12470 bytes)

Above we have most of the cast of the movie Young Frankenstein (and it just kills me that I arrived too late to catch them doing their group thing during the costume competition). The doctor, Frau Bluher (sp?), the doctor's fiance, the monster, Igor, and the inspector with the prosthetic arm... (If the Teri Garr character was present, I didn't spot her.)

HokeyPok.JPG (11599 bytes) Yes, I missed "The Time Warp" (and the dance contest that apparently sprang up during the song) yet arrived in time for "The Hokey Pokey." (Blasted body paint -- never again!)

Stargate.JPG (19608 bytes)

This costume was of a character from the Stargate: SG1 TV series. (A friend who watches the show advised me that this was presumably a goa'uld -- possibly the one called Hathor, but maybe just a generalized goa'uld. Thanks, Beth!) It was a great outfit, though. The thing in her palm really flashed and everything... Her ribbon was awarded for best usage of her source material or something like that, if I recall correctly.

Astronau.JPG (14272 bytes)

This costume won a ribbon for matching the party's 2001 theme. Yes, he was an astronaut from the movie. (David Bowman, I think the name was?)

GreenLan.JPG (22777 bytes)

The Green Lantern shown here wasn't the only comic book-inspired costume -- there was another guy in a trenchcoat and lightning bolt T-shirt with a baseball bat who was a character called Mage.

BennJets.JPG (17549 bytes)

This one got an award for creativity. She was very carefully dressed as Bennie (whom I don't think I had ever heard of, but who appeared on the cover of an entertainment magazine wearing that very same outfit), and she had little jets hanging around her neck...

HarrPoth.JPG (24322 bytes)

As the sign around his neck proclaims, he was *not* Harry Potter. (Lose the last syllable of that surname and you'd be about right, though...) He worked *hard* on that stoner hairstyle, too!

Elvira.JPG (17469 bytes)

Elvira sings (or is that, lip-synchs?) for the crowd. Never one to limit herself, Sylvia wore a franchise-spanning costume early in the evening (arriving just as she was preparing to change out of it, I only spotted the ape mask and Star Trek minidress) before switching to the Mistress of the Dark for the latter half of the party.

Bluntman.JPG (13498 bytes)

This costume got an enthusiastic reaction during the competition (including a cry of, "We meet again, Hemp Knight!"). For those of you unfamiliar with the movies of Kevin Smith, "Bluntman" (as seen in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) was the comic book superhero based on the character of Silent Bob who appears in all of Smith's movies, along with his constant companion Jay. (Who appeared here in the form of an action figure in Bluntman's pocket, as no live-action stand-in for Jay's comic book alter ego "The Chronic" was apparently available.)

Pumpkin.JPG (21103 bytes)

One last thing -- my pumpkin, carved Sunday afternoon. I'm smug about how well it turned out. (Though I'll admit I had to reattach the little guy's hand with a toothpick...)

Thus concludes the pictorial depiction of my Halloween. Thanks for scanning this far down the page.

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