Halloween 2002

With the cloakMy lovely costumeA close-up on the makeup
Let's start with my costume, as per usual. I was a water spirit, nymph, undine, naiad, what-have-you. The dress matched my hair, the accessories were silver, and I had fun. Aside from the wicked three-inch heels.

All of the below are images from the USS Joshua Halloween party. Click on the thumbnails for larger images, or let the mouse pointer hover over each for captioning.

Gomez and Morticia AddamsAnna Nicole SmithThe Blue WidowA crusading knightOn the dance floorAn elven woman -- the only LotR costume I saw!A pair of gypsiesA masked heroA hawkman (from the Flash Gordon movie) and a rebel fighterLucy in disguise with glasses and a rebel fighterMenolly of PernMisty as Belial / The Mad Hatter from ANGEL SANCTUARYWho Misty was dressed asLord Morpheus the Shaper and The Mad HatterA French lord and ladyPeople in Ren faire getup and a Tron costumeThe talkative robot at the entranceOut on the rooftopStill out on the rooftopSpacemen from multiple franchisesStargate SG-1 charactersThe table we congregated atMore hanging out at the tableTron in the light......and Tron in the darkThe UPS girl and a member of the coast guardKlingon cleverly disguised as a vampire and PadmeLord and Lady Vanity, winners of the costume competition

Oh, and here are the pumpkins my mother and I carved. Mine's on the left.Two jack-o-lanterns

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