Halloween 2005

One Halloween, two parties.  First off, the traditional USS Joshua party. (Click thumbnails to see the full-sized versions.)

A member of Stargate, Gilligan, and the Captain
An electrical superhero
Guinevere, Arthur, a 50s girl, and Jesus Christ3
King Arthur, Jesus, and a 50s girl
On the dance floor
Still on the dance floor
The blind leading the blind
Dark sorceress
Isaac Newton
Rachel and Chris
Steve Irwin
The Flintstones
More Flintstones
Still the Flintstones
Jessie & Buzz
A Scotsman

Demon lord and lady
Black swan
A Roman20
Steve Irwin and lions22

I forgot to get a friend to take a photo of my own costume before leaving the party, so I left most of it on until Mom got home and then we took pictures of each other.  And then on Halloween Monday, I wore a witch outfit to work, and here it is, too.

My upgraded Frodo costume
Mom as a pirate
Me and Squeaky
Me and Squeaky

And then the weekend after Halloween, I went to a housewarming / post-Halloween / Guy Fawkes Day party at  Paul Riddell and Caroline Crawford's house.  I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should have, but here are the costume shots I got:

Little Red Riding Hood19
A bobby
A marionette
Quite possibly the Phantom of the Opera
Our lovely hostess...
...and our charming host
The Prisoner and the Corpse Bride
The Prisoner

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