Christmas 2002

Xmas Eve -- at my maternal grandmother's house:

Mom and Lauren on the left, Grandma playing with a Yorkie on the right My cousin Matt, his wife Ashley, one of their dogs, and my uncle Mark Lauren and Grandma Aunt Suzy and cousin Nathan

And afterward, Xmas Eve at Dad's house:

Dad and Cindy's tree Dad and Cindy "swordfighting" with wrapping paper rolls Dad, Cindy, and Moose (Mousse) Lauren, late-arriving Dad, me, Lauren, and Moose The unwrapping begins... Dad opening gifts
Lauren with her goodies Dad with camera Lauren got ZIM shoes Dad and I take each others' pictures Dad and Cindy unwrap a gift for the both of them The final haul

Then came Xmas morning at home:

Mom hasn't had enough sleep.  Stephen has a Santa hat. Kayla watches the tree -- or the kitty under it Lauren hauls out the videocamera The Ju-Ju kitty wants to play... Unwrapping proceeds A tree that has had a kitten climbing in it The kitty stalks

And then Xmas afternoon at Dad's parents' house:

Is it time for presents yet? Gathering in the living room Lauren and Cindy, camcorders at the ready Unwrapping begins Unwrapping Unwrapping Inspecting Lauren's new goth dolly Inspecting Lauren's new goth dolly Grandmama and Paw-Paw inspect their gifts Playing with Grandmama's new clock Setting up new stuff Michelle opens a gift while Lauren films Someone played ringtoss around cousin Thomas' neck with a bit of styrofoam packaging

A day or two after Xmas, the kitty got in the tree again and I had time to run for the camera:

Ju-Ju in the tree Ju-Ju in the tree Ju-Ju in the tree Ju-Ju in the tree Ju-Ju nibbling lights Ju-Ju in the tree Ju-Ju in the tree

And let's throw in the pics from Lauren's New Year's Eve party:

One of Lauren's friends got coaxed into trying on Lauren's senior prom dress Jay, Kit and Chloe crashed Lauren's party (at my invitation) Laughing at the drag comedy The dress doesn't fit too well Crowding into the kitchen Finery including plastic leis The fairy wings were the final touch

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