A Day at the Faire

AmyAmy and meMe as a pirateMe as a pirate
On April 10th, 2004 Amy and I went to Scarborough Faire as a pair of pirate wenches.  Much fun.

Over by the Scottish area of the faire, a demonstration of highland fighting techniques included a banana substitution for a brass flintlock pistol, and some old friends of mine... (I went to high school with Annamae, and there she was with her husband Mike and their children Kieran and Elaine.) A little later, we discovered that my D&D group had come to the faire on their own.
A banana is not a pistol. Annamae and MikeAnnamae and her children Kieran and ElaineForrest, Sara, Casey, Jeremy and MistySara, Jeremy, Misty and AmyAnn and John

As the above fighting demonstration indicates, the faire was full of shows and displays:

A spectacular sandcastle A "Scottish" musical group putting on a showBelly dancingBelly dancingBelly dancingBelly dancing

Note the albino python draped around the chief belly dancer (who at the time we were watching remained in a supervisory role rather than herself taking the stage).

Another major draw to the faire is in the costuming -- whether you enjoy dressing up yourself or just seeing what everyone else has come up with:

Captain Jack Sparrow -- a damned good costume, too. Interesting armor -- and Captain Jack standing behind him.Van Helsing -- hat and all.Van Helsing -- hat and all.EomerEomerA random sampling of fairegoers in an audience

A great place to see some of the best costumes all in one place comes during the daily parade:

Parade ParadeParadeParadeParadeParadeParadeParadeParadeParade -- The Scots are coming! ParadeParadeParade -- A parasol defiantly raisesd!ParadeParade -- Annamae marching at the end of the Scots contingent, blocked by a bystander's headParadeParadeParade -- No one expects... Parade -- The Spanish Inquisition!Parade -- The Spanish ArmadaParadeParadeParade -- MusketeersParadeParadeParade ParadeParade -- The king and queenParade -- The queenParade -- The kingParade -- That's all, folks!
Look closely at the above for the Scotswoman with the pink parasol in lieu of a claymore, the Spanish Inquisition and Armada, musketeers, and the king and queen of the faire...

And that's about it for our day.  It was a lot of fun, aside from my not having thought to include cloaks for the pair of us -- it was cloudy and breezy and cool and then in midafternoon it started raining and so we came home...

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