Lauren's Snakes

Let's start with Lauren's first snake, Ziggy...

Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy
Ziggy was an undeniably striking "candy corn" snake -- a corn snake with a red-and-orange coloration like a piece of candy corn.  Docile, amiable, and well-petted, Lauren liked Ziggy so much that she bought her a "boyfriend," whom she named Pigpen...

Ziggy and Pigpen Unfortunately, Pigpen evidently had a respiratory infection when Lauren bought him, because he and Ziggy both died soon after that.

More recently, Lauren came home with a new snake, tentatively called Nubbikins.
Nubbikins Nubbikins
Here Nubby, at a mere two months old, demonstrates her propensity to crawl into Lauren's shirt and try to nestle in her bra. (I think this is an excellent habit for a baby python to get into and that it should be very amusing indeed if Nubby continues to try to crawl into Lauren's shirt when she's eight feet long...)

And here we have an excited witness to Nubby's first meal after Lauren brought her home:
Cat and mouse Cat and mouse Cat and mouse Cat and mouse
Lauren's cat Ju-Ju Voodoo was greatly intrigued by the live mouse, and was clearly much more interested in pouncing on it than Nubbikins, who merely lurked on her "rock" under the heat lamp.  Of course, Ju-Ju was eating for six at that point -- note her plumpness as seen in the final photo. (This was in fact the evening before her kittens were born.)

And here's Pumpkinhead:
Pumpkinhead Pumpkinhead Pumpkinhead

Further pictures to be added as they're taken...

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